We've always wanted to perfrom with the Flaming Lips and here is our chance. Check out this eclectic line up right outside the beautiful, historic Annapolis Maryland. Time to get weird. http://www.silopannafest.com/

DR IN TENNESSEE 04/23/2014

We are stoked to play TN for the first time! Its going to be a big one for us, indeed, with over 15,000 peeps in a new city. Hope to see some of you southern folks!!! http://www.riverbendfestival.com/

"HALO" on BROAD CITY 02/26/2014

Super hyped to be releasing our single "HALO" tomorrow on COMEDY CENTRAL. BROAD CITY is the best. WE feeeeel honored...

Tune in at 10:30 and get your SNACKS!!!  

FROZEN SUN 12/19/2013

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